Xfinity Communities Offers Residents at Haven Hoffman Estates Immediate High-Performance WiFi Connection Upon Move-in

Pre-installed, in-unit gateways let residents quickly activate WiFi service without waiting for equipment delivery or service appointments

January 20, 2021 – Xfinity Communities today announced that Haven Hoffman Estates in Hoffman Estates, a suburb of Chicago, has implemented its WiFi Ready solution to give residents simple, easy access to the Internet upon move-in to the individual units. With the recent pandemic surge, this contactless, streamlined experience is in particularly high demand as the WiFi Ready solution pre-installs customer premises equipment (CPE) so residents just select a service plan and activate their network connection without requiring additional equipment or vendor visits.

While Haven Hoffman Estates is an existing multifamily community, the property owner, Tricap Residential Group, is renovating each unit as residents select a new unit or relocate. Each of the one- or two-bedroom units will feature Xfinity Communities WiFi Ready services for up-to-Gig speed connectivity that powers Internet access, streaming entertainment, voice solutions and smart home automation. Tricap Residential Group properties offer a unique set of amenities that relies heavily on Internet connectivity, whether it is the online residential portal for paying rent and submitting maintenance requests to building a sense of community with virtual yoga classes and online contests.

“When we began our renovations, we carefully selected the amenities that would meet the current and future needs of our residents – most importantly technology. Our residents require WiFi and high-performance Internet to work remotely, attend school and connect with friends and relatives,” said Elizabeth William, director of marketing at Tricap Residential Group. “Not only is a reliable Internet connection essential for residents, but we require it for our property management operations. The contactless option of WiFi Ready has removed a major pain point of resident move-in day, especially during this difficult time. Simply put, it eases the lives of our residents.”

High-performance connectivity is a crucial amenity for multifamily owners and operators as found in the 2019 report, “The State of Smart Technology in the Multifamily Housing Industry,” that revealed high-speed Internet and WiFi are the technology amenities that provide residents with the most joy. Additionally, property managers no longer have to worry about equipment or coordinating onsite technician visits during move-in. And, when residents relocate, it is just as simple for residents and managers: Customers contact Xfinity Communities to transfer their service. The unit is then ready for the next resident to begin the process.

“The future of the multifamily community is changing as the number of remote workers and students are growing. We are committed to providing residents and property managers with a streamlined technology experience that will simplify their lives,” said David Lizak, senior director, Xfinity Communities, Greater Chicago Region. “Forward-thinking property development groups like Tricap Residential Group, are implementing solutions that will ensure their communities are future-ready with high-performance Internet solutions.”

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About Tricap Residential Group

Tricap owns and manages the 550-unit Haven Hoffman Estates community located in Hoffman Estates, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Tricap has been renovating units there over the past year, upgrading everything from fixtures and finishes to technology.

About Xfinity Communities

Xfinity Communities™ provides multifamily properties and residents with a better network, better entertainment and better service. With one of the largest fiber networks in the country spanning more than 150,000 miles, a one-of-a-kind interactive TV experience with XFINITY X1, and dedicated property support, we provide an end-to-end service that translates to better living for more than 189,000 properties and 14.7 million units. Our Advanced Communities Network (ACN) – a fiber network solution that can provide gigabit speeds – helps attract new residents while giving existing residents what they want.

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