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Comcast’s Flag Replacement Program Honors the Importance of Flag Day

Company’s VetNet Employee Resource Group Retires and Replaces Worn Flags Throughout Central Illinois and Northwest Indiana

Comcast’s Flag Replacement Program is an extension of its ongoing dedication to supporting veterans and their families. Run through the VetNet employee group, an organization within the company that connects active military, veterans, military family members and military supporters, Comcast provides a meaningful service that directly impacts the community.

When a Comcast technician reports a distressed, faded, or torn American flag to the local VetNet employee group, the flag will be retired and replaced in accordance with military protocols, free of charge. Any home or business is eligible for the program, not just those that are subscribed to our services.

“The flag is a symbol of our nation, our values, our people and the contributions and sacrifices of millions of veterans,” said Regional VetNet Co-lead Karin Ladd. “Our employees are proud to participate in our Flag Replacement Program and make sure the American flag always stand tall.”

To learn more about the company’s ongoing commitment to the military community, visit www.military.comcast.com.

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