Making Her Dreams a Reality with Comcast Business

From Tracy Pitcher, Senior Vice President Comcast Business, Central Division 

Our employees have always been at the heart of everything we do at Comcast Business, and it’s been my pleasure throughout my 14-plus years with the Comcast family to see and experience firsthand how dedicated our company is to championing women in the tech industry. 

Female entrepreneurs and business owners need connectivity and Comcast Business offers many opportunities, including Comcast RISE.

Comcast Business extends this support by working to help empower female-led businesses and entrepreneurs with the technology solutions they need to operate and grow their companies. That’s why Comcast Business provides flexible technology solutions and supporting programs specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations of all sizes. And I’m proud that so many women are behind the success of making our customers’ connectivity dreams a reality.

It’s Time to RISE

At Comcast Business, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs can face when running a business. In 2020, we established Comcast RISE, which stands for “Representation, Investment, Strength, and Empowerment,” a program designed to support the success of small businesses,  including women-owned entrepreneurs. The program has provided more than $110 million in grants to over 13,000 entrepreneurs, including awarding 100 small business owners grants throughout Cook County in 2022. You can read more about the experiences of women-owned businesses who were Comcast Rise recipients below. 

Looking ahead, I am filled with excitement and hope for the future of women within the Comcast Business organization and the communities we serve. By continuing to break barriers and championing inclusivity, we are shaping and contributing to a more equitable environment for all. 

The Voices of RISE

To all the women out there, keep making your mark in this world. Together, we are forging a path where women not only thrive but are inspired to create, lead, and innovate.

  • The receipt of the Comcast RISE grant changed the entire trajectory of my business because, with that grant, I was able to draw the attention of a big box warehouse chain and obtain a contract to sell my product in their stores. And that’s next level for me.” – Sabrina Scott-Pappas, CEO of ES Beverage, 2022 RISE recipient
  • “For a Black-owned woman business, the hurdles are higher. Using my Comcast RISE assistance, I created the Gobble Doggs Virtual Party event for customers who want a catered party but have to keep it on a video call.” – Annah Mitchell, owner of Gobble Doggs, 2022 RISE recipient
  • We know about dance. That is our passion and what we are here for. But technology is just as important when it comes to running a business. The Comcast RISE program has saved us time and money and really allowed us to focus on our main priority: the students.” – Dominique Hamlett, Co-Owner of the Detroit Dance Center, 2022 RISE recipient
  • Thanks to Comcast RISE, I was able to put a deposit on my equipment, and now it is in my possession. I am now working on a marketing strategy to launch this new service.” – Shirley Valmond, Quantum Natural Healing Wellness Owner, 2021 RISE recipient
  • This grant came at a time when we were low on funds and couldn’t have afforded to do certain things. Comcast gave us four phone lines – and we now have a professional set up.” – Sandra Cameron, CEO of Second Start, 2021 RISE recipient
  • I am so proud of this business, and I am grateful that Comcast RISE has allowed me to take another step toward the success I have been working for.” – Chinonye Akunne, Founder of ILERA Apothecary, 2022 RISE recipient
  • My RISE story is gratitude – live your life through love and give your love through gratitude. We’re grateful – we’ve been able to RISE through this pandemic with the grant.” – Caron Henry, Owner of 3 Nurses, 2021 RISE recipient
  • I heard about RISE through the local Chamber of Commerce and applied. We were awarded cameras for security for physical locations.” – Princess Ousley, President and CEO, Elite Business Strategies, 2021 RISE recipient

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