Storm Resources & Readiness Tips

If you’re currently experiencing a power or service outage:

  • Xfinity Internet, Comcast Business Internet or Internet Essentials customers can access one of our public Xfinity WiFi hotspots to connect to the Internet. Just look for the “xfinitywifi” or “XFINITY” SSID and login with your credentials when prompted.
  • Our Xfinity TV customers can stream their favorite movies, shows and other content on their mobile devices via the Xfinity Stream app. You can also use the apps to check the status of service in your area, get answers to questions about your service and chat online with Customer Care representatives. The Xfinity app or Comcast Business app can be downloaded from the iOS or Android app store.
  • Local power must first be restored before Xfinity video, phone or internet services can begin working again. If you have electricity but not Xfinity services, we recommend resetting your devices, including wireless gateways, modems, routers and/or TV boxes. 

We will continue to provide local outage updates on X at @ComcastILLINOIS.

How we prepare & stay connected during storms, natural disasters and other emergencies

We prepare for storms by taking important steps to ensure we are managing the severe weather, while keeping the safety of our employees and customers a top priority. This includes increasing staffing, strategically placing employees in key locations, preparing back-up generators and other supplies, making sure our repair crews and supplies are ready, and coordinating closely with power companies and local and state emergency workers.

If you are an Xfinity customer, you can start by downloading our free mobile apps:​ 

  • Xfinity — Get updates on outages, report service interruptions, view a map of all available Xfinity WiFi hotspots and securely auto-connect to them.
  • Xfinity Stream — View live TV, get weather updates, and download shows and movies beforehand to watch offline in case you lose power.​  

Xfinity also recently launched its Storm-Ready WiFi device that can provide 4 hours of connectivity in the event the power goes out during a storm or outage. 

If you’re a Comcast Business customer, here are a few steps you can take to help prepare for potential service interruptions: 

  • Comcast Business Connection Pro provides you with a 4G LTE backup router that takes over if your main Internet service provider fails.  
  • Comcast Business Mobile allows employees to connect to a 5G network, or one of the millions of secure Comcast Business WiFi hotspots nationwide. Keeping your phone network mobile allows you to connect with customers during a storm or other type of emergency.  
  • Comcast Business App provides real-time service updates and text alerts.  

Comcast’s service restoration process:

  • Emergency management procedures dictate that electricity must be restored first and Comcast must receive clearance that it is safe for our crews to begin any restoration work.
  • Should your home or business experience a loss of service due to a power outage, local power must first be restored before Xfinity video, phone or internet services can begin working again. 
  • If your home or business has electricity but not Xfinity services, it’s possible the commercial electrical utilities that power our local network have not yet been restored. To confirm if service has been restored, Comcast recommends restarting or resetting devices, including wireless gateways, modems, routers, and cable boxes. 

Additional safety precautions & helpful tips:

  • Plug TV’s, modems, and cable boxes into a surge protector to protect them from damage in case of lightning or a sudden power outage. 
  • Always stay clear of downed power and cable lines in the interest of safety. 
  • Keep cell phones dry and charged. 
  • Make sure all emergency contact numbers and emails are saved on mobile phones. 
  • Forward your home phone number to your mobile phone number so that you can receive emergency calls even if you are not home. 
  • During the storm, text instead of calling—texts require fewer network resources.

By being prepared in advance, you are giving your family, friends, and employees the tools they need to be ready before, during, and after disasters. 

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